Following Netflix and Disney +, Amazon’s streaming platform, Prime Video, will also add an advertising-based service.

Advertising will be introduced automatically and an extra fee will be required for an ad-free service. Thus, the current subscription price will not be changed during 2024, but an option for an ad-free service will be added.

Starting next year, the new ad-based offering will be extended to U.S., British, German, and Canadian subscribers. France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Australia will follow later.

The goal is to continue to invest in valuable content over the long term, Amazon said in a company statement, adding that significantly less advertising will be provided compared to linear TV and other streaming TV providers.

As for costs, in the U.S., where as a standalone service Amazon Prime stands at $8.99 per month, there will be an additional $2.99 per month to exclude advertising from one’s subscription.

In Italy, where the new ad-based proposition will see implementation at a later stage than in the U.S., the subscription price stands at 4.99 euros per month.

Photo Credits: Unsplash