Directed by: Francesco Miccichè
Country: Italy
Genre: Docufiction, History
Production Co: Aurora TV


On March 16, 1978, the day of his kidnapping, the Honorable Aldo Moro intended to assist to the Parliament with a group of near-graduates for the new government’s inaugural speech by Giulio Andreotti. That same afternoon, Aldo Moro should have participated in the Political Sciences University Council. The schedule included the discussion of the final theses, and, in fact, after the attack at via Fani, on the battered blue Fiat 1300, among bags and newspapers, they found the bloodstained theses papers. This is the starting point to revisit the 55 days Moro spent kidnapped, through the eyes and feelings of four students of Penal Procedures of the Political Sciences Department of the Sapienza University of Rome. Hoping for his release and concerned for his fate, the four protagonists remember their relationship with a special teacher that combined traditional lessons with other experiences to make them better understand the realness of the subject he taught. 

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