The advertising market on streaming platforms is growing, but how do Italians behave in front of a commercial spot while they are watching online videos?

Italians love watching videos in streaming. This is certified by Toluna, a company in the field of digital marketing that conducted a survey among a thousand consumers to investigate current habits in the use of video on demand. In fact, 90% of respondents say they watch streaming content online. And it is now a consolidated trend for advertisers to move investments from traditional media to the new Vod platforms.

However, the attitude of the Italians towards advertising is not always positive. More than half of respondents say they do not like advertising, even if they would not pay for not seeing it anymore. The most “impatient” seem to be young people: 44% of the junior public admits to always skip it. On the contrary, people over 55 pay more attention to commercial communications, with one in ten claiming to always look at them in full.

The duration of the ad message influences as well. For 37% of respondents a 30-second spot is too long, for 18% the limit is 45 seconds while for 28% the maximum duration is 15 seconds.

Always according to Toluna’s study, advertising investments on streaming platforms have, however, generally a good return with a rather satisfactory engagement index. To the question “Have you ever visited the website of the company or the advertised product while you were watching streaming content?” in fact, half of the sample responded affirmatively.