According to the latest data reported, in the seventh month of 2020 the advertising market marks a first and important turning point, with an increase of +8% compared to July 2019.

This is confirmed by a press release by Nielsen Holdings plc, which also pointed out that the cumulative data for the period January-July 2020 still shows the consequences of the lockdown: compared to 2019, in fact, there is a decrease of -19.2% of investments (-23.5% if we exclude the data for search, social, classified and OTT).

Alberto Dal Sasso, AIS managing director of Nielsen, has however specified how the change of trend in July is still a concrete turning point, linked to the recovery of sporting events and, although to a lesser extent, to the resumption of production and leisure activities.

If we analyze the data related to individual media, it is found that for TV in July 2020 there is a growth of +14.8%, compared to a decrease of -19.1% in the consolidated period; as for the web, including search, social, classified and OTT, July shows a growth of +11.1% which drops to -10.6% in the cumulative period.