Director of Canale 5 Giancarlo Schieri commented on the record-breaking TV ratings of Grande Fratello VIP (Celebrity Big Brother): “This is the second year and it’s another huge achievement. There was a great expectation and the record numbers collected yesterday on all platforms (TV, social networks and the internet) prove it. And this is just the beginning. First of all, my thanks go to Ilary Blasi, ironic and fun host this year too; to her work partner Alfonso Signorini, enthralling and insightful as usual; and to the great and irreverent voices of the Gialappa’s Band. Obviously, thanks to all the team of authors and production of Mediaset and Endemol Shine Italy”.

Grande Fratello VIP triumphs: 4.490 million viewers and a 24.53 share (a 26.63 share in a target audience aged 15 to 64 years and 17% more than in 2016). There was a good response on social media: there were more than 500.000 activities on Twitter in live television. #GFVIP is the official hashtag at the top of the world and Italian chart of the most discussed topics of the night for the entire duration of the show.
These are record results that indicate a net increase. The reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi reached peak levels of 5.800 million viewers, with an average exceeding a 40 share for viewers aged 15 to 19 years and a 35.87 share in a target audience aged 15 to 34 years.