Directed by: Anna Carlucci
Country: Italy
Running time: 60’
Genre: Factual
Production Co: Aurelia Production


“A night at the museum” is an experiment in which a group of people spend the night in a museum (the Maxxi Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome). Each candidate will have a bed and will sleep under a work of art. The goal is to find out what the effect that art can have on the human psyche is. Can it affect your sleep and dream, and if so, how? A group of celebrities will take part in the experiment. Before they go to sleep, they will be introduced to the audience through a brief interview that will help us to get to know them. Each celebrity will pick a work of art under which to sleep and will explain his or her choice. Will they sleep well or poorly? The following day, once they have wakened up, they will share their story. Sleep psychologists specialists will analyze their feedback for the audience.

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