Starting today, June 14, a new edition of Cinema Revolution begins, the campaign by the Italian Ministry of Culture that allows the viewing of Italian and European films at the special price of 3,50 euros.

“This initiative is aimed at the full reopening of theaters, it is designed to reaffirm their crucial role in the development of the entire sector as well as their importance for the growth of our communities,” said Undersecretary of Culture Lucia Borgonzoni.

As happened last year, in 2024, Cinema Revolution will be accompanied by Cinema in Festa, the double event in June (the first edition concluded yesterday) and September, during which the reduced price will allow the viewing of all films in participating theaters. This initiative is launched by ANICA and ANEC, with the support of MiC and the collaboration of the David di Donatello – Accademia del Cinema Italiano.

“The five days of the first edition of 2024, which has just concluded, of ‘Cinema in Festa’ recorded 683,000 admissions, 2.2 percentage points more than the average recorded in the same period in the pre-pandemic three-year period 2017/2019. Considering the current presence of American films in theaters – decreased due to overseas strikes – estimates predicted a 50% drop compared to 2023. We managed to contain the gap (43% fewer admissions) and we are convinced that the box office will continue to grow, thanks to the initiative’s ripple effect and the increased offerings to the public, including those promoted to celebrate a century of Istituto Luce and the retrospective on great horror directors (notably Dario Argento, but also contributions from Pupi Avati, Mario Bava, and others),” emphasized Borgonzoni.

Photo credits: PxHere