It’s A Ciambra by the Italian-American director Jonas Carpignano the film selected by the Commission institued by ANICA to represent Italy at the Academy Awards 2018. Produced by Martin Scorsese, who declared his enthusiasm about the film and its young director in occasion of the screening during the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs of Cannes Film Festival, the film takes place in the Ciambra, a Romani community in Calabria, and follows the one-night events of Pio Amato’s life, a 14-year-old boy (playing himself, like the rest of the cast) whotries to step into his brother’s shoes when the brother disappears.

Commission is composed by Nicola Borrelli, Cristina Comencini, Carlo Cresto-Dina, Felice Laudadio, Federica Lucisano, Nicola Maccanico, Malcom Pagani e Francesco Piccolo. The announcement of the final five titles will take place on January the 23rd, while the Oscar ceremony will be on March the 4th in Los Angeles.