Akamai Technologies’ new report, “Pirates in the Outfield,” has been published.

The report, created through a collaboration between Akamai and MUSO, aims to examine the evolving piracy landscape by providing data on illicit streaming and download activity across multiple industries.

As reported in Akamai’s press release, the research illustrates how online piracy continues to be prevalent and financially damaging to a variety of industries. Between January and September 2021, global demand for piracy – as measured by visits to websites offering access to movies and TV shows, whether directly through a browser or mobile app, as well as torrent downloads – reached 3.7 billion unlicensed streams and downloads. According to the research, 61.5% of consumers who visited piracy sites accessed them directly, while 28.6% actively searched for them.

The report revealed that a total of 132 billion visits were made to piracy websites between January 2021 and September 2021. In addition, the top industries pirated were television (67 billion total visits), publishing (30 billion total visits), film (14.5 billion total visits), music (10.8 billion total visits) and software (8.9 billion total visits). Globally, the United States (13.5 billion), followed by Russia (7.2 billion), India (6.5 billion), China (5.9 billion) and Brazil (4.5 billion), were the top five places for visits to piracy websites last year.

For more information consult the report.