Join us in Rome for MIA | 2020!

Accreditations for the 6th edition of MIA Market are now open to all industry professionals at the promotional early bird price of 110 euros. Regular accreditation will kick in starting on August 24th.

The sixth edition of MIA will be held in Rome and on the new MIA Digital platform.

During the duration of the event in Rome – from October 14th to 18th – maximum security will be guaranteed in all our locations, thanks to social distancing protocols and prevention tools. We will take care of your health, while also offering the best hub for your business.
MIA Digital Platform will give you full global wide access to all activities: from the end of September to October 14th to prepare your on-site and online participation, from October 14th to 25th to participate in all market on-site and online activities and from October 25th onwards for all your follow ups.

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Check the Accreditation Regulation here

Accreditation MIA 2020