Only public broadcaster Rai will have to air a mandatory share of Italian audiovisual works in prime-time. VoD services’ obligations are confirmed.

The corrective measure preventing increases in Italian television broadcasters’ programming and investment obligations of Italian and European works has been published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale (Official Journal). The new obligations will enter into force from January 2020.

In detail, only Rai will have to accomplish the obligation to program Italian audiovisual works. Between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., the public broadcaster will have to include in its show schedule at least 12% of works “of fiction, animation and documentaries of original Italian expression, wherever produced”. 25% of this share will have to be reserved exclusively for cinematographic works of original Italian expression.

VoD services’ obligation to reserve at least 30% of their catalog for European works realized in the last five years is confirmed. In addition, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Infinity Now TV and the other VoD services will have to invest in independent content. The share of investment in independent European works is set at 12.5% of annual net revenues, 3.5% of which for Italian cinema.