Plans are under way to convert former aquatic theme park on a 450,000-square-meter lot into a studio (Apulia Studios) by 2021 in Apulia region.

The Apulia Studios are being launched by the entrepreneur Antonio Albanese with two former Apulia Film Commission executives, Silvio Maselli and Daniele Basilio, on board as consultants. The project provides for nine soundstages and two water tanks in Castellaneta Marina, a few miles from beaches and golf courses and less than an hour away from Taranto international airport.

Antonio Albanese, Silvio Maselli, and Daniele Basilio expect to fully finance the €50 million project within the next three months with construction planned to start later this year. The plan is to open the first facilities — the medium-sized studios and the water tanks — in spring 2021, with the remaining soundstages to be completed by the end of that year.

Photo credits: Parksmania