Undersecretary of Mibac Lucia Borgonzoni inaugurates the tenth edition of BAM (Audiovisual Market of Bogotá). Not being able to attend the event, the Undersecretary entrusted her message of greeting to the Head of ICE Audiovisual Desk, Roberto Stabile: “I would have liked to attend the opening days of the Bogotá Audiovisual Market, one of the most important events in Latin America, but sudden parliamentary appointments no longer allowed me to come to Colombia. I would like to thank the Minister of Culture of Colombia, for her willingness to meet me, and I would like to inform you that our appointment has only been postponed and not canceled, because it’s my strong intention to reschedule as soon as possible my visit for the signing of the film co-production agreement with Colombia”.

The opening event of BAM (Audiovisual Market of Bogotá) was attended by the Italian Ambassador to Colombia, Gherardo Amaduzzi, the Director of BAM, Claudia Triana De Vargas, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Marco Llinas, the Head of ICE Audiovisual Desk, Roberto Stabile.