Commissioning Editor  – ARTE

Susanne Biermann è il responsabile editoriale di Arte, Canale Culturale Europeo con base a Strasburgo (Francia). Si occupa degli slot di documentari culturali e di co-produzioni internazionali.

MIA DOC Decision Makers & Experts 2018

Commissioning Editor @ ARTE 

Company profile: ARTE is the European culture channel based in Strasbourg/France. Founded in 1991, it was given the mission of providing cultural programming that promotes unity and understanding among European nations. The channel is non-commercial and broadcasts without advertising. Financial support is provided through a television and radio licence fee in France and Germany.

Job Description: evaluation of cultural documentary projects International coproductions.

Strand Profile:

Cultural documentaries ( 52’) and performing arts

Themes: cinema, literature, beaux-arts, current cultural topics in Europe and worldwide.

Main activities: coproduction.

Latest produced or coproduced titles:

  • CineKino (10-part documentary series about European Cinema)
  • Spoleto (52’)
  • Stanotte a Firenze (52’)
  • Stanotte a Venezia (52’)
  • Beyond the Bolex (52’)

What I’m mainly looking for at MIA DOC: cultural documentary projects for international coproduction.