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The Human Part

THE HUMAN PART – Finland, Denmark, 2018 – Post-production
Comedy, Drama, 106’, Digital, Colour
Original Version Finnish, English, Chinese
Direction Juha Lehtola
Screenplay Kari Hotakainen, Juha Lehtola
Production Bufo / Mark Lwoff, Misha Jaari & Smile / Timo T. Lahtinen, Teemu E.T. Lahtinen
Cast Hannu-Pekka Björkman, Kari Hietalahti, Ria Kataja, Armi Toivanen, Leena Uotila, Asko Sarkola

Pekka is a bankrupt, penniless, middle-aged man, who has convinced his parents and sisters that he
still is the CEO of a large IT company. When Pekka’s parents unexpectedly come for a visit, he must go to increasingly ridiculous lengths to convince everyone he is still what he claims to be. During one of his schemes, a lavish dinner party, Pekka’s god-daughter gets hit by a car and the situation spirals out of control ending with Pekka violently attacking the reckless driver. At this point Pekka realizes things have gone too far in every imaginable way, and decides to drop the façade and tell the truth, bringing the pieces of his once broken family back together.



– Spain, 2018 – Post-production
80’, Digital, Colour
Original Version Spanish
Direction Juan Palacios
Screenplay Juan Palacios
Production Doxa Producciones

Somewhere in inland Spain, a shepherd dreams of visiting Lake Titicaca, a retired musical duo recall their golden age, two young sisters search for pokemons without any luck and an old man counts the empty houses of the village in order to fall asleep at night. The characters of this film emerge as geographical features of a territory whose culture and lifestyle appear to be vanishing in time. That territory itself is the true protagonist of this story. Inland is configured as a film-map to navigate through the past, the present and the future of the Spanish rural world.

The Silence and the Fury

THE SILENCE AND THE FURY – Spain, 2019 – Post-production
Drama, 100’, Digital, Colour
Original Version Spanish
Direction Guillermo Benet
Screenplay Guillermo Benet and Rafa Alberola
Production Cristina Hergueta
Cast Pablo Gómez Pando, Violeta Orgaz, Pilar Bergés, Raúl de la Torre, Susana Abaitua, Olivia Delcán

The police raid a concert at a squat and an officer dies during the riots that follow: a rock busted his head. Who threw the rock? Who knows more? Why doesn’t someone speak up? This is the story of those who live knowing the answer. It’s the story of their silence, their fear and their guilt.


Taste of Pho

TASTE OF PHO – Germany, Poland 2018 – Post-production
Drama, 85’, Digital, Colour
Original Version Polish, Vietnamese
Direction Mariko Bobrik
Screenplay Mariko Bobrik
Cast Lena Nguyen, Thang Long Do, Aleksandra Domańska, Bogusława Pawelec

Set in the Vietnamese community in Warsaw Taste of Pho is a story of Long – a Vietnamese cook, who lives alone with his 8 year old daughter Maja. Since the girl’s mother passed away the two have had conflicting wishes: Maja struggles with her identity and wants to fit in while her father misses Vietnam and wants to go back.


Stay Still

STAY STILL – Germany, Italy, 2018 – Post-production
Drama, 90’, Digital, Colour
Original Version German
Direction Elisa Mishto
Screenplay Elisa Mishto
Production CALA Filmproduktion, Partner Media Investment
Cast Natalia Belitski, Luisa-Celine Gaffron, Martin Wuttke, Jürgen Vogel, Giuseppe Battiston

Julie is a young, rich and sarcastic patient in a mental clinic with a “doing nothing” manifesto: she doesn’t study, she doesn’t work, she doesn’t have friends. Agnes is a naive nurse and young mother of a three years old with only one problem in life: she doesn’t get the all thing about being a mother. When the two wild spirits meet in the mental clinic, they start a rebellion that will question and set (literally) on fire everything and everybody around them. Stay Still is a poetic, witty and radical portrait of a generation with nothing to lose and nothing to gain. Yes it is dangerous, but yes, it is also very exciting.

Tales from the Lodge

TALES FROM THE LODGE – UK, 2018 – Post-production
Comedy, Horror, 92’, Digital, Colour
Original Version English
Direction Abigail Blackmore
Screenplay Abigail Blackmore
Production Hook Pictures
World sales XYZ Films
Cast Johnny Vegas, Mackenzie Crook, Sophie Thompson, Laura Fraser, Dustin Demri-Burns, Kelly Wenham, Cavan Clerkin

A fresh take on the portmanteau horror-comedy genre. In an isolated lodge in England, five old university pals, now nudging 40, gather for a weekend to scatter the ashes of their friend, Jonesy, who drowned himself in the lake three years earlier. They settle in for a fun evening, entertaining each other with stories of murders, ghosts, zombies and possessions, but as day turns to night, the gang become aware of another horror story unfolding around them. And this one is real.