My name is Martina, I’m 22 years old and I love striped t-shirts. I live near Varese and I attend the Linguistic Mediation University in Milan. Acting is my main passion, since it allows me to do something I really love, taking breaks from myself to impersonate somebody else. I believe that the feature that defines me the most is empathy. It’s very easy for me to sense how other people feel and I’m rarely wrong.
Before 2019, I was posting content occasionally on TikTok, but since last year I found there a source of joy and light-heartedness, it’s like my wind chimes. I feel very lucky to have found this getaway, it’s something I feel very close to my heart and and I preserve it with love. My family is supporting me through this journey, my parents are my number 1 fans and they never miss to remind me of that.
TikTok is a limitless platform, you can express yourself in anyway you like, and that’s its strength. On my profile, I post sketch the most, mainly comedy ones, in which I play different characters using they own original sounds. I give a face and expressions to the voices, trying to give my own interpretation. I always have a lot of fun playing characters that made me laugh and that I had a passion for when I was was a child, like comedians and cartoons from my childhood. What I care about the most is to communicate the same feeling I feel when I make my videos: serenity.

On May 2021 I published a novel called “Andava Tutto Troppo Bene”, a comedy in which the main character is exactly me, or nearly!