During the WarnerMedia and Boing SpA panel, “WHAT’S NEXT? NEW GENERATION CONTENTS,” Marco Berardi will interact with young storyteller and visual artist Caterina Cappelli, winner of WHAT A CARTOONIST!, a call to action by Cartoon Network Italia, launched at MIA 2020 dedicated to finding new creative ideas for animated series, video games, or TV formats.
A clip of RETIRED MONSTERS – a project by Caterina Cappelli produced by Cartoon Network Italia – will be screened in world premiere.
The panel will then examine original productions targeted at kids and the importance of offering increasingly innovative content. Among the examples, Boing’s latest original production at its second edition, BOING CHALLENGE, featuring an even more cross-media vision. The show will now present three original episodes on the Boing App every week – on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays – aiming to create the final teams competing in the elimination episode to be aired on Boing every Monday at 7.50 pm.
To close the panel, the announcement of Boing’s new commitment to reward Italian excellences for the production of kids-oriented content.


Marco Berardi, Chief Executive Officer Boing SpA and VP Head of Advertising WarnerMedia Italy & Iberia;

Caterina Cappelli, Storyteller e visual artist, vincitrice di WHAT A CARTOONIST!.


Marco Spagnoli, Head of MIA Unscripted and Animation Activities.