The international boom in drama series has created an urgent need for talented drama writers from diverse backgrounds who are able to deliver stories that capture audiences’ imaginations and amplify voices that are underrepresented. International training programs are aiding this process by bringing talents and producers together and by helping producers understand how best to nurture their writers and directors.

TorinoFilm Lab, ACE Producers and MIDPOINT Institute present a session which looks at how talents and producers can find each other, how the best collaborations are made and the differences between these relationships when it comes to series and film. When content is king, is there an upset in balance?


Nicola Lusuardi, Head of Study at TFL SeriesLab and Head of Development at The Apartment;

Martichka Bozhilova, Producer at Agitrop;

Gabor Krigler – Head of Studies at TV Launch and MIDPOINT Institute tutor, and founder at Joyrider.


Angelica Cantisani, Project Manager, TorinoFilmLab