RIDE OUT is taking us into deathly motorcycle road races of the 70s.
A six-episode drama series, co-developed and commissioned by YLE, is based on the true story of Jarno Saarinen, the first Finnish winner of Road Racing world championship.
Jarno, underdog racer from snowy North, challenges the invincible giant Giacomo Agostini. With his girlfriend, Soili, Jarno rises to the top of the sport and becomes a legend.
Ride Out is an adventure of international tribe of racers – gladiators who travel all over Europe with their families and lives packed into vans and tents.
The creative team behind the series discusses the development process of an organically international true story from Nordics to a global drama market.
Is drama taking place in a world of sports automatically a ”sports drama” and is sports drama the next big trend after the recent boom of sports documentaries?



Sami Keski-Vähälä, screenwriter;

Simon Kaijser, director;

Timo Vierimaa, CEO Funfar production (producer);

Jarmo Lampela, Head of Drama – Creative Contents, YLE – Finnish Broadcasting Company

Johanna Karppinen, Head of International, Post Control Helsinki