Film Financing opportunities for content producers are constantly changing and are spreading across the entire production cycle of a film. In this session we will explore different models and schemes with key industry players, and we will investigate how the film funding approach has evolved in recent years. We will also discuss how (and where) to find the money to produce a film (analyzing multiple financing sources) and all critical issues about financing bundles in the US and Europe as well as the bridge between the two industries.


Carolyn Steinmetz, EVP, Head of Content Finance, STX Entertainment;

Alexandra Hoesdorff,Co-Founder and CEO, Deal Productions;

Maxime Cottray, VP Finance and Production, XYZ Films;

Matteo Perale, Co-Founder WIIP;

Andrea Scrosati, Group COO e CEO Continental Europe, Fremantle.


Andrea Scarso, Director of Investments at Ingenious Media