How many fathers do we meet during our personal and professional life? How do those relations influence choices and careers? An unconventional conversation about life, work and cages we opened and those we are still shattering from Italy to Israel and back. Women in Film, Television and Media Italia, in collaboration with Visionaire will present a Code of Ethics for a
Sustainable Audiovisual Sector.



Giuliana Aliberti, Lawyer, Head of Legal at Women in Film, Television and Media Italia, Founder of Visionaire;

Ilaria Boiano, Lawyer Differenza Donna;

Osnat Bukofzer, Director of International Affairs and co-production consultant Israel Cinema Project Rabinovich Foundation;

Luciana d’Ambrosio Marri, Sociologist specialized in Occupational Psychology, Expert in Diversity & Inclusion Management;

Domizia De Rosa, President, Women in Film, Television and Media Italia;

Simonetta Dellomonaco, President, Apulia Film Commission;

Gioia Levi, Talent Agent, Carol Levi & Company.