Torino Piemonte Film Commission announces the first tender notice of the year, the Piemonte Film TV Fund for the access to regional funds for piedmont audiovisual enterprises.

The two previous editions of the tender have supported 20 projects. Most of these were realised in Piedmont and have been supported by the Torino Piemonte Film Commission, with excellent results in terms of support to the local economy.

The aim is to attract ever bigger investors on the territory in order to enhance Piedmont appeal in the audiovisual sector. However, the fund also aims to give the region more visibility in terms of tourism, while boosting job prospects in the region. Since 2018, the initiative has granted 4,5 milion euros in FESR Funds, in order to grant a high level competitiveness for the production system.

The first session of 2020 has resources amounting to 1 million euros. The second session is instead scheduled for July-August 2020, and will give another 500,000 euros.

Description and rules can be found on the Regione Piemonte website. In order to tender, projects will have to be finished within 18 months. Moreover, projects need to be of fictional nature, and developed either for cinema or tv. Projects presented by companies taking part in the tender will be granted a block grant of maximum 200.000 euros.
Applications are open until April 10,2020 at 12PM.