On the ninth weekend after the reopening of theaters on June 15, Italian takings have registered over 100 thousand euros.

During the weekend of August 15th, the most watched film on Sunday August 16th is Hidden Away by Giorgio Diritti, distributed by 01 Distribution and produced by Palomar, in collaboration with Rai Cinema, Aranciafilm, and the support of: MiBACT, Regione Emilia-Romagna, Emilia-Romagna Film Commission, Province and Municipality of Reggio Emilia.

The film collected 57,660 euros: 35,911 euros from the 42 monitored arenas, to add up to the 40,773 euros of the previous day (about 50% of the takings), with a total of 215,159 euros.

The weekend ended with 305,169 euros and 56,317 admissions; the average was 46.5 spectators per copy. The 76 summer arenas monitored recorded receipts of 50,468 euros, equal to 48.79% of the total receipts the previous day, with admissions being 9,655.

In fourth place the re-edition of Inception for the tenth anniversary, with 10,131 euros (68 copies) and a total of 11,890 euros after 5 days, to be added to the 10,738,408 euros obtained in 2010. In the top 10 – with the complete version available on Cinetel – also Interstellar, distributed by Warner Bros. Italy and proposed in 29 copies with 3,617 euros over the 4 days of the weekend, which since 2014 has exceeded 10 million euros; Gli Anni Più Belli, distributed by 01 Distribution, with a total of 5,598,810 euros.