DOC Pitching Forum

This year the MIA|DOC section will present a rich program of national and international titles, 15 projects coming from 7 different countries and selected by our board.

La selezione 2019:

At the Aga Khan’s Court, docuseries, by Lisa Camillo produced by Stefilm
Contractors, docuseries, by Antonio Palumbo, produced by Dinamo Film
Escaping History, docuseries, by Vittorio Moroni e Cécile Khindria, produced by Esplorare la Metropoli
Hyper Places, docuseries, by Hendrick Dussolier, produced by Les Film d’Ici
The Sound of Camel Bell, docuseries, by Liu Yingzhi, produced by Xinjang Camel Travel World Exploration

Alida, Feature doc, by Mimmo Verdesca, produced by Venice Films
The Vatican Secret Archives of the World War II, Feature doc, produced by Stand by Me
CINE LIBRE Cinema and Graphic in the Cuban Revolution, Feature Doc, by Adolfo Conti ed Elia Romanelli, produced by DOC ART
Into the Bank, Feature doc, by Eva Hillström e Oscar Hedin, produced by Film and Tell
The Mystery of DB Cooper, Feature doc, by John Dower, produced by Minnow Films

2020: Space Beyond, TV One-off, by Francesco Cannavo, produced by Beagle Media
The Chavista Revolution in the land of oil, TV One-off, by Laurence Debray, produced by Day for Night Productions
Gold Miners, TV One-off, by Inka Achté, produced by Napafilms
Erasmus in Gaza, TV One-off, by Matteo Delbo, produced by 50N
Il Posto, TV One-off, by Mattia Colombo and Gianluca Matarrese, produced by Altara Films