The director of the Marché du Film, Jérome Paillard, proposed an online alternative to the market, in the event of the Cannes Film Festival postponement.

Jérome Paillard proposes two different scenarios, depending on whether the event will take place in May, or only in a digital version. In the first case, it will be necessary to involve the absentees, giving them the opportunity to participate in the screenings with the same conditions as those present and to stream the projections in different time zones. If, on the other hand, the event will not “physically” take place, it will be necessary to organize a schedule of meetings and screenings online with a dedicated and structured platform, such as Cinando.

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, the near future of the traditional Cannes festival is still uncertain: a final decision will be communicated on April 15, on the eve of the Parisian press conference during which the Sélection officielle is normally announced.

The proposal by the director of the Marchè of Cannes followed the “private” initiative of some American, British and French production companies and agencies to create a virtual market, replacing the Cannes Film Festival. The idea was launched by the CAA agency and includes, among the best players that have supported it, FilmNation, Lionsgate International, Miramax, Rocket Science, Sierra / Affinity, Solstice Studios, STX Entertainment, Voltage Pictures.