MIA|DRAMA SERIES is a 5-day industry event, focused on TV and digital contents. The market aims to facilitate, encourage and accelerate new business opportunities for the development and creation of new drama series production on an international level.

Italy is today the perfect place where to cloud your business, in a fast-tracking media environment.

MIA|TV is a very specific, elite and stylish international coproduction market, featuring tailored activities designed to find the right partners for your new TV Series through co-production deals. Starting 2018, it will also become the perfect place where to present your new finished Drama Series within an attentive and cutting-edge environment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to reach top key players from the US and Europe and discover more about MIA|TV!


Italy is the perfect place where to cloud your business, in a fast-tracking media environment. The new audiovisual government Fund is upping to 400 million of Euros to lure new international co-productions to Italy, improving tax credit, tax refunds and other contributions toward new productions.

Rome is coming back with a multi-pronged approach with a big government boost to compete on a global level, and television is leading the way.

With local productions rivaling top-tier American and European series, TV has become central to attempts to focus international eyes back on to Italy. And with new, larger and easier tax credits on the way, as well as enhanced production facilities, stunning locations, on and off-screen talents, Italy is ready for its Golden Age.

MIA|TV aims to promote the value of Italian TV and digital industry and its original content creations.  A new batch of activities focused to appeal the international players to discover more about the Italian new slate of production will be featuring in 2018.

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